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Question about IP phone registration

Is it possible to have a solution where the IP phone at a remote site registered with a call manager cluster at the main site however if the WAN breaks the IP phone then registers with a CME call processor at the remote site instead of SRTS.

When wan connectivity is restored the phone that reestablishes it self the call manager cluster


Re: Question about IP phone registration

Hi Denzil.

We don't know which CME's version you are using.If you are using CME 4.0 or a later version. you can use the SRST fallback by using Cisco Unified CME.

please check this link out!

Hopes that helps


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Re: Question about IP phone registration

Hi Thot,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I'm actually using cme 4.1.


Re: Question about IP phone registration

Simply configure srst auto-provision / under the Telephony-Service. The keyword dictates what configuration is put in the running-config at the time of fail-over.

The option defined with the srst mode auto-provision command determines whether Cisco Unified CME adds the learned phone and extension information to its running configuration. If the information is added, it appears in the output when you use the show running-config command and is saved to NVRAM when you use the write command.

-Use the srst mode auto-provision none command to enable the Cisco Unified CME router to provide SRST fallback services for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

If you use the srst mode auto-provision dn or srst mode auto-provision all commands, the Cisco Unified CME router includes the phone configuration it learns from Cisco Unified Communications Manager in its running configuration. If you then save the configuration, the fallback phones are treated as locally configured phones on the Cisco Unified CME-SRST router which could adversely impact the fallback behavior of those phones.

This information is taken from this good CCO Link:-

If I have been using CME SRST because I found it particular helpful especially when you have huntgroups.



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