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Question about trace configuration

Under CUCM Serviceability you can select "Configuration" from the "Trace" drop down menu and then go through the motions of setting trace filters, output settings, etc.

One thing that puzzles me is the checkmark box called "Trace On" because having this box checkmarked does NOT actually enable the trace.

I know that you have to actually turn traces on and off under the badly misnamed "Troubleshooting Trace Settings" menu option.

So question is what is the "Trace On" checkbox really for? The documentation I've read just says to check it and it seems to be checked by default for every service.


Cisco Employee

Re: Question about trace configuration

Troubleshooting Trace Settings was meant to be used along with the trace gathering tool, it sets the most common fields for each kind of trace (CCM, CTI, etc)

it's not really a common way to enable them thru the trace settings but directly on each kind of trace

just look at this doc:

Set Up Cisco CallManager Traces for Cisco Technical Support

if you enable them thru Troubleshooting Trace Settings there is no need to use the trace on

if you do not enable them that way you need to use that parameter to turn them on or off

it'e checked for all thing because usually they're set at the lowest level possible only to log errors, we use them to troubleshoot issues but usually ask the level to detailed




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Re: Question about trace configuration

Always for TAC use the link Jaime provide above

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Re: Question about trace configuration

Thanks very much... that clears it up for me.

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