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Question: Moving existing site to new site on new PRI, keeping DIDs

We have an existing site that is part of our Cisco Voip Network as a branch office.

The existing site has it's own PRI that is used for local and LD when not using the internal Voip network for branch to branch calls.

There is an 800 number and a block of DIDs routed to the exitsing PRI and all this is working fine.

We will be moving this office to a new site next month and I want to make it a smooth seamless move.

I have a new PRI installed for the new office.

According to Verizon, I can just reroute the existing 800 number and DID numbers to the new PRI with no problem.

The existing router is going to be moved to the new location, so everything will stay the same at the branch office once the router has been moved.

Is there anything I need to be concerned with in doing something like this, or something I may have missed?

It seems too simple, like I have missed something.

Anything that could bite me and not have outside local and LD calls routed to the new branch on Monday?

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Re: Question: Moving existing site to new site on new PRI, keepi

Hi Richard,

It seems like you have a good plan put together here :) There are always things that can bite us when doing these changes but you can mitigate them with a proper plan (like you have done!)

Make sure that Verizon uses the same PRI Protocol that was in place before as well as sending you the same number of "sigificant digits" as in the previous setup. Hopefully the PRI has been fully tested and you should be good to go! These type of changes are done well by good providers every day.

Hope this helps and best of luck on the move!


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Re: Question: Moving existing site to new site on new PRI, keepi

Thanks for your input Rob.

I have a router I can temporarily put in place in the new site to bring up the PRI prior to swinging the existing numbers to it.

The new PRI also has a umber associated to it as well.

If I have a VWIC card in the temp router, what all would be needed for me to test that the calls are being routed to the PRI?

For example if I wanted to make a test call to the new PRI number, and I wanted to do a "debug isdn q931" on the router to see if the number is being routed, do I need a dial peer or anything else configured to see the call come in?

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