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question on a Deploying Variable-Length On-Net Dial Plans with Flat Address

In the section "Deploying Variable-Length On-Net Dial Plans with Flat Addressing"

in the subsection "Outgoing PSTN and IP WAN Calls"

It states "Option 1: Eight-Digit Numbers Only

This option relies on a single route pattern that matches all eight-digit ranges (8XXXXXXX) and points to a route list or route group that contains only a gatekeeper-controlled intercluster trunk. The gatekeeper is configured to use the site codes as zone prefixes.

This solution is simple and easy to maintain because no information is needed about other clusters' site codes or E.164 ranges. However, no automatic PSTN failover is provided when the IP WAN is unavailable, and users are expected to redial manually using the PSTN access code and the E.164 address of the destination"

My question why it can not automatically re-route to PSTN if IP wan is down, can't we just the route list to include gk as the 1st rg and local pstn as 2nd rg as we do usually?

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Re: question on a Deploying Variable-Length On-Net Dial Plans wi

Hi there,

hope to understand your question right.

If you want to reroute a failed call to PSTN you'll need digit manipulation. There are different manipulations necessary for the corresponding PSTN numbers, but you're able to configure in the Route List the manipulation only for one corresponding PSTN number. It seems the only way is to use AAR in this case not an additional RG in the RL.

hope this helps

Cisco Employee

Re: question on a Deploying Variable-Length On-Net Dial Plans wi


You need 8Digit->E.164 translation patterns. Then you create route patterns for each DID range that point to a route list containing gatekeeper then pstn route groups.

Another option is to route the 9.1xxxxxxxxxx and 8xxxxxxx patterns to Gk. On outbound long distance calling, CCM will ask Gk if it has that number and if not it will go out as a normal LD call. This has the benefit of providing toll bypass for on-net sites with PSTN failover during WAN outages. Off-net LD calling is uneffected.

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