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New Member

Question on Cisco Mobile 8.0 for iPhone

Hi There,


I am recently having problem on connecting the iPhone to the CUCM, I wonder if there is anyone having any idea for me.


The APPS is Cisco Mobile 8.0, and the CUCM is 8.0.3-20000. I added the device as device type = Cisco Dual Mode for iPhone, with TCT_XXXX as the device name. I also added a user for assiciate to the iPhone. The iPhone is connected to the office network via VPN, I could broswer on the admin page of the CUCM after I login the VPN from the iPhone. But the problem is when I try to use the cisco mobile 8.0, I am failed to register to CUCM with error message "cannot connect to server". I am having firewall on the office network, but I checked all TCP and UDP trafic is allowed for the voice subnet.


I tested the same iPhone with another CUCM placed in a different network, and its work...

I noticed that there is different between successful login and un-successful on the network status. for un-successful, the status is [CSINetworkReachability isReachableWithoutRequiringConnection] - flags = 3, and for successful, the status is

[CSINetworkReachability isReachableWithoutRequiringConnection] - flags = 2


I wonder what am I doing wrong, and does anyone have any idea on this issue. Below is the log.


state = 1

  viewcontroller = Title:(null)



-- 2011-11-24 17:03:21.693 DEBUG - [UMCAccountViewController _initAccount:<UMCVoipAccount>: edps019 TCT_5405: isNewAccount:1

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:22.182 DEBUG - [CSINetworkReachability isReachableWithoutRequiringConnection] - flags = 10002

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:22.185 DEBUG - [CSIAnalytics sendRequest] : sent data

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.518 DEBUG - -[UMCAccountManager addAccount:forAccountType:isVerified:]

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.532 INFO - [TinCanController startTinCanWithDeviceName:tftpAddress:] deviceName = TCT_5405 tftpAddress =

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.535 INFO - [TCSoftphoneWrapper getLocalAddress] - Found IP address 0:, with interface lo0 and hardware address (null)

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.535 INFO - [TCSoftphoneWrapper getLocalAddress] - Found IP address 1:, with interface en0 and hardware address (null)

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.535 INFO - [TCSoftphoneWrapper getLocalAddress] - Found IP address 2:, with interface utun0 and hardware address (null)

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.535 INFO - [TCSoftphoneWrapper getLocalAddress] - Found IP address 3:(null), with interface (null) and hardware address (null)

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.538 DEBUG - [CSINetworkReachability isReachableWithoutRequiringConnection] - flags = 3

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.549 INFO [5f0b000]- [TinCanController _verifyTinCanWithDeviceName:tftpAddress:clearCachedUserData:] Clear cache bit is ON. Clearing prior cached data

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.550 INFO [5f0b000]- [TCSoftphoneWrapper beginTinCanConfiguration:] - Download config file and parsing it.

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.550 INFO [5f0b000]- [TCSoftphoneWrapper retrieveConfigFile:] - Retrieving the tftp configuration

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:23.550 DEBUG [5f0b000]- [TCSoftphoneWrapper retrieveConfigFile:] Cache Empty, retrieving the config file from the CallManager

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.546 INFO [5f0b000]- [TinCanController fileNotFound:] Error code: 7

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.547 INFO [5f0b000]- [TinCanController fileNotFound:] Error: Couldn't connect to server

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.547 INFO [5f0b000]- [TinCanController fileNotFound:] Filename: tftp://

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.548 INFO [5f0b000]- [TinCanController fileNotFound:] Critical file for registering not downloaded.

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.549 INFO [5f0b000]- [TinCanController stopTinCan:] Stopping the softphone.

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.553 DEBUG [5f0b000]- [TinCanController stopTinCanWithError:] Softphone registration not started. Setting softphone status to DISCONNECTED.

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.553 DEBUG [5f0b000]- [TinCanController softphoneDidCompleteShutdownWithError:] Shutdown complete with error: Error Domain=TCSoftphoneErrorDomain Code=4 "Could not connect to server" UserInfo=0x757490 {NSLocalizedDescription=Could not connect to server}

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.553 INFO [5f0b000]- [TCTConnectionManager softphoneStatusDidChange:] Softphone status set to DISCONNECTED.

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.554 INFO [5f0b000]- [TCTConnectionManager activateReconnectionTimer] No active VoIP account or softphone already connected or connecting. Deactivating the reconnection timer.

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.554 DEBUG [5f0b000]- [TCSoftphoneWrapper retrieveConfigFile:] No config file data to parse.

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.555 INFO - [TelephonyAppDelegate handleTFTPConfiguration:] Received TFTP Configuration Notification

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:43.555 DEBUG - [UMCVoipAccountViewController tftpSettingsDidDownload:] Tin Can configuration failed.

-- 2011-11-24 17:03:46.055 DEBUG - [UMCProvisioningAssistantViewManager _advanceStateMachine:]