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Question on GW in SRST mode- H323 and MGCP dial-peers

I have a network with a central CCM and a TDM PABX which is being replaced with SRST

CCM >>>>>>>>>>>>> h323 gw>>>>>Network cloud>>>>>>>>>>.h323>>>>>>>>qsig>>>>pabx


We need to keep the H323 GW in place as they act as a demarcation point for our Voice Cloud

Inbound, Outbound

All calls to/from the remote site will be configured to use the H323 GW even though they can "route" to each other directly- business reasons

Site 1 to have a SRST router and a H323 GW

When the network is working the inbound calls are sent to the H323 which has a VOIP Dial-Peer to the CCM cluster however when the connection is lost to the CCM cluster I want the calls to be sent to the SRST router as an alternative as the phones at Site 1 will being now registered to the SRST router

What is the best way to manage this- I think I need two dial-peers 1 x to go to CCM and the other to kick in when loss of connectivity to CCM and use this to point the calls directly to the SRST router almost as like MGCP with failover to H323. Can I configure the GW as MGCP from CCM to GW and use H323 Dial-Peer from the GW to the Voice Cloud and then have additional H323 as the alternative application for inbound calls pointing to the SRST router again as in SRST mode

or can I do the above but all in H323 dial-peers? I presume I could use preferences on the dial-peers for preference 1 to CCM, Preference 2 to SRST for inbound calls but this may involve automatically routing calls to the SRST routing maybe in some circumstances???



Re: Question on GW in SRST mode- H323 and MGCP dial-peers

the best way is as u stated through making two dial-peers each one with diffrent prefrence

there is a way to increase the failover time between dia-peer with the same distination pattren and diifrent prefrence

voice class h323 1

h225 timeout tcp establish 15

the defual timeout is 15 second u may need to increase it or decrease it as u want

this will control the time that dialpeer with lower prefrence to failover to the one with higher prefrence number

u need it on the dial-peer with lower prefrence number

apply it like:

dial-peer voice 9 voip

voice-class h323 1

good luck

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Re: Question on GW in SRST mode- H323 and MGCP dial-peers

Thanks, the concern I have with perference is the automatic nature of the feature, If CCM fails to answer even of it can then the call is routed to SRST router or am I being over concerned?


Re: Question on GW in SRST mode- H323 and MGCP dial-peers

Further to the answer, can I have a GW registered to CCM via MGCP and have H323 dial-peers as well? Can I configure it for CCM to send calls to the GW via MGCP and then for the GW to "extend" them via H323 dial-peers? The GW will be registered to CCM but also point to a GK using H323 - thanks

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