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question regarding CSS/partitions in CUCM 6


I have a customer with 1 main site and 3 branch sites. The CUCM is located at the main site together with the Voice Gateway.

I have seperated the 4 sites in to 4 different partitions, and created CSS based on these. the branch sites aer allowed to dial the DN's on the main site, but not the DN's on the other branch sites.

Now the customer asks me to configure the CUCM, so that brach site 1 is allowed to call 3 DN's on Branch site 2 - but ONLY these 3 DN's. How do I best configure that? As far as I am concerned, a DN can only be in 1 partition at the time...


Re: question regarding CSS/partitions in CUCM 6

Create a new Partition and add it to the CSS of Site1 Phones, then create 3 Translation Pattern and assign them the new created partition (so only Site1 can use those translation), put then the correct DN on the Translation pattern Called Party transform Mask.


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Re: question regarding CSS/partitions in CUCM 6

Create a xlate pattern in PT-A for the same number and assign it CSS for site B.

This way when someone from Site A calls one of those 3 numbers, CCM will match it to XLATe pattern and then XLATe pattern will dial the same number and hit Site B.

This only works for few DNs. It does not grow very well.

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