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"Call Forward all" history for a specific phone

I have recently been tasked to trace a phone call where an inbound call to our help desk was transferred to a customer that was curently on the phone with our help desk.

I pulled the CDR report and Found Inbound caller (A) was forwarded to an external number (B) via the the help desk extension. Final call redirect reason code was "call forward all" When I got the request to trace it was after 5, so the help desk extension was forwarded off site to a night cover service. So I know this extension has the redirect functionality.

So it appears for some reason customer (B) number was put in the "call forward all" space on help desk extension.

I know exactly which phone it is, Is there a way to see all of the buttons pressed on a specific phone for a specific time period ?

I looked through RTMT, but could nt find anything.

Any reply appreciated.


"Call Forward all" history for a specific phone

Hi William,

You will need to collect the detailed callmanager traces from the callmanager to which the phone is registered, for the time stamp when the call was made

Once the call is found in the trace you need to highlight the unique StationD or StationInit value associated with that mac address of the phone.

You will be able to see messages like 'keypadbutton' and 'softkeyevent' associated with the StationD or StationInit described above which will clearly show if any keypad buttons were pressed or if any softkeys were used.

This information may not be available if the traces were not set to detailed level at the time of the issue.



New Member

"Call Forward all" history for a specific phone


Great info, I will pull the traces on Monday and report back if I was able to find it. Will I be able to see the number that was entered after the "call forward all" softkey ?

"Call Forward all" history for a specific phone

Yes, the keypad button press events are visible in the traces.


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