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"drop and insert multiplexing"

Hi all,

I'm writing the GW/GK exam tomorrow morning and was just reviewing the exam objectives on Cisco's site. I think I've covered most of them off in reading the cisco press book for GW/GK a ridiculous number of times ... sigh

One notable exception is:

"Describe the appropriate implementation of drop and insert multiplexing"

I'm not sure what they are referring too since I've never come across the term in my ref material and I'm having some trouble digging up any info on Cisco's site.

Can anyone give me a quick summary overview of what this is about?


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Re: "drop and insert multiplexing"

Indeed D&I multiplexing has little or nothing to do with GW/GK. It can be summarized as:

The ability for a T1 or E1 interface to do TDM-like multiplexing for individual timeslots or groups of timeslots, for specialized treatment, like cross-connecting them to other T1 /E1 interfaces in the same or different card in the router.

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Re: "drop and insert multiplexing"

Thanks for the quick response. Hopefully it will not be featured in any serious way on the test.

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Re: "drop and insert multiplexing"

You are very welcome and I whish you the best at the testing session.

Quizzes can be quite pointless at times so I tried my best to not give any nonsensical question to the seven guys/gals that are coming to take a test at my company tomorrow.

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