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"Not Logged Into Hunt Group" when reregister

I have a customer that I did some disaster recovery testing with recently. When we failed the pub, the phones re-registered to one of the subs and when it did, the phones were logged out of the hunt group and the phones displayed the message "logged out of hunt group". Is this expected behaviour? If so, why? Or does it look like it might be a database synchronization issue?



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Re: "Not Logged Into Hunt Group" when reregister

Hi Loy,

Hope a ll is well :) This is expected behaviour in all CCM versions until CCM 6.x Have a look;

With Unified CM 6.x, database modifications for user-facing call processing features are made on the subscriber servers to which the IP phones are registered. The subscriber servers then replicate these database modifications to all the other servers in the cluster, thus providing redundancy for the user-facing features.These features include:

•Call Forward All (CFA)

•Message waiting indicator (MWI)

•Privacy Enable/Disable

•Extension Mobility login/logout

•Hunt Group login/logout

•Device Mobility

•CTI Certificate Authority Proxy Function (CAPF) status for end users and applications users

•Credential hacking and authentication

From this excellent doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: "Not Logged Into Hunt Group" when reregister

Hey, Rob. All is as well as can be expected. Thanks!

Yes...I was aware of the difference in 6.x on user-facing feature redundancy, but didn't know that the expected behaviour in 4.x was thus. Since I forgot to mention in the first post - this is 4.x.

I have looked at the ccm config for all of the phones and they all show "logged in to hunt group" checked ON for each phone and my expectation was that in the event of a failure, it would fail the phones back to "logged in to hunt group", not logged out. I'm not sure why we had that happen before.

I will be simulating the failure again tonight and will see where we go from there.

Thanks for your quick response. I hope all is well in your world also.


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