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"Number of Registered Media devices Decreased"

Hi all,

I am getting some alerts "Number of Registered Media devices Decreased"/"Number of Registered Media devices Increased" .

What does it mean?

I am using CUCM

Thanks in advance


New Member

Re: "Number of Registered Media devices Decreased"

I believe this just means that a media resource (conference bridge, transcoder, etc) has unregistered/registered. If you have IOS media resources I would look at those logs and the show sccp commands output. If you are only using software media resources I would check the serviceability reports to see if the Media Streaming Service on any server was restarted/stopped around the time that you see the alert.

Either way, if you have UCM troubleshooting traces enabled you should get some more information there about exactly what unregistered and why.

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Re: "Number of Registered Media devices Decreased"

Thanks for your response..

We are using IOS media resources.Please advice me how to enable UCM troubleshooting traces.

And also im getting an alert "RoutList Exhuasted"



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Re: "Number of Registered Media devices Decreased"

Go to the Serviceability page (http://UCMIP:8443/ccmservice/ in 6.x) and click trace > troubleshooting settings. Select the server and enable the CallManager service trace. You can use RTMT to gather the logs from these traces. You might also want to debug sccp errors on the gateway and log to the buffer to capture more information on these events. My guess is that the gateway is unregistering for some reason from UCM.

Route list exhausted just means that each entry in a route list was tried for a call and none were available. You can see this when trunks are full.

Just so you know, a definition of each of these alarms is contained in the Alarm Definitions page in UCM Serviceability.

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