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Presently we are running BARS server on Publisher, and the publisher is running short of Diskspace.Can it possible to run the BARS server other than Publisher CCM server(MCS Hardware).

Please suggest me!!!


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Hi Krishna,

I have not tried this setup but it is supported. My take on this is that the BARS Utility would have to be uninstalled and then reinstalled with the Sub named as the Backup Server and the Pub as the Backup Target. I might look at what is consuming so much disc space though before I went this route. Perhaps the drive is filling up with Trace Files that need to be turned of or CDR Records that are not being purged.

About the Backup Server

Although any server in the Cisco CallManager cluster can act as the backup server, Cisco recommends that you designate the publisher database server as the backup server, which is the server that performs the backup. One backup server is required within a Cisco CallManager cluster. You designate a server as a backup server during BARS installation.


Note The Cisco CallManager publisher database contains all the information that you configure with Cisco CallManager Administration, and the database updates each time that you make a change. Cisco strongly recommends that you make a backup of the Cisco CallManager database, configuration, and directory information by using BARS every time that you make changes in Cisco CallManager Administration. Each Cisco CallManager cluster contains only one publisher database.

The following list shows the data that is backed up and restored for the Cisco CallManager publisher database:

Hosts and LMhosts files

Latest Cisco CallManager publisher database

DC Directory LDAP directory

For Cisco CallManager 3.3.x DirectoryConfiguration.ini from C:\dcdsrvr.

For Cisco CallManager 4.0(x) or later UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini.

Directory schema files avvid_schemaV*.txt

Publisher and subscriber configuration information to replication.ini file.

Cisco CallManager version to version.ini file.

If the option to backup CDR is chosen, CDR database and CDR/CMR flat files from Local CDR Path

TFTP files from C:\Program Files\Cisco\TFTPPath (the default path)

TFTP files from alternate file locations

Cisco Bulk Administration Tool (BAT) files-templates from C:\CiscoWebs\BAT, CSV files from C:\BAT and the BATversion.asp file.

HKLM\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc. (registry keys)

Cisco CallManager DSN

Security files (certificates) from under C:\Program Files\Cisco\Certificates. This applies only to Cisco CallManager 4.x or later.

LDAPConfig.ini for IPMA configuration.

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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You should also be able to keep BARS running on the Publisher, but have it do the backup onto an external server (Subscriber); so, the actual diskspace used by the backups would be on the Subscriber.

Just set the Backup Storage Location to be a network drive.

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