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Real Time Monitoring Tool

We have recently set up RTMT 4.1(010) and it is connected to Cisco Call Manager 4.1(3). We have the alerts set up to e-mail us whenever the trigger value is met for for that particular event. My question is this. I've been searching for a document that gives detailed explinations of what exactly causes these events. Sure, there is the generic explination when you go into set alert/properties but that is obviously not complete. I have noticed and confirmed that whenever someone logs into or out of extension mobility this event will generate a "Number of Registered Gateways has increased" or Decreased. I'm looking for a document that will help me better understand what exactly is happening when I get these e-mails.


Re: Real Time Monitoring Tool

Number Of Registered Gateways Decreased

the number of registered gateways decreases, meaning: a device crashed, or connectivity problem between CallManager and a gateway.

Number Of Registered Gateways Increased

a gateway has failed comes back online, or new gateways are added to the system.

Do you get your Gateways showed up on RTMT?are the Gateways throwing any errors? monitor also your B Channel (Prformace->Cisco H323 or MGCP->Active Calls...etc)

I dont think this error has something to do with EM.



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Re: Real Time Monitoring Tool

I ahve confirmed that when I log into EM I get a Error in teh Applicaion Log taht looks like this

Error: DeviceTransientConnection - Transient connection attempt.

Connecting Port: 0

Device name [Optional].:

Device IP address.:

Device type. [Optional]: 255

Reason Code [Optional].: 6

App ID: Cisco CallManager

Cluster ID: BP-CCM1-Cluster

Node ID:

Then about a minute or so after I gett hsi error message I get an e-mail indicating that the number of registered gateways has increased (or Decreased)

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