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Rebuild Publisher - SQL problem

Problem: getting DCOM (10100) and SQLSERVERAGENT (203) errors everytime replication is activated. Have had TAC involved and now gong to rebuild cluster as problem won't resolve.

My question is regarding the rebuild process.

Callmanager 4.1(3)sr3b & 2000.4.3(A)sr2

First attempt I rebuilt cluster on separte servers, installed same versions, inclusing Bars, BAT & CAR on Publisher and tested SQL between Pub & Sub, then DC Directory and all tested well. Then restored Bars backup from production publisher onto test Publisher and restore went fine. Only problem is that the Publisher has a DB cm0301 and the Subscriber still has the cm0300. I am able to create a cm0301 and replicate to the sub, but the cm0300 is still in use and the subscriber seems to be using it instead of the new cm0301 DB. I was able to remove the cm0300 and rebooted hoping that it would sync to cm0301, but now some of the Callmanager services on the Sub won't start ( SQL is happy ?)

What is the recommended way to rebuild a cluster. Do you build up the Publisher to the exisitng levels and restore the database(s), including CAR (ART), MLA then install subscriber and join the cluster.

any offering is appreciated.


Re: Rebuild Publisher - SQL problem

I moved CCM 4.13 to new hardware.. everything went fine.

I used folowing link:

Hope thats help...


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Re: Rebuild Publisher - SQL problem

Hi hi,

Correct me if i'm wrong please. :)

I had a server crash and had to do the same procedure. what I did was to install the OS to the latest on both pub and sub and then installed the CCM 4.1(3).

When this is done. The replication should be automatically added and you should have DB CM0300 in sync. This is fine.

Next, I upgraded to 4.1(3)sr3b on the PUB first. Do not do upgrades in parallel. After that I upgraded the SUB to 4.1(3)sr3b. I should still have CM0300 in sync.

We can then restore back the database using BARS. Depending on what DB your BARS file has, i think in your case it should be CM0301. After restoring the file, you should have CM0301 on both pub. On replication, you should have both CM0301 on pub and sub.

Next you can install the rest of the bars, bat, car, etc.

Hope it helps.



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