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Rebuilt publisher, now SQL isn't working

I had to rebuilt my pub, and now when I go to the SQL service manager and select the subsciber, it says "Access is Denied"

I had to run adminutility.exe on my old publisher because I inherited a network in which no one knew the private password phrase, and it corrupted my database causing me to rebuilt

DBHelper won't resync the connections either

I restored from a backup so I have all my old numbers and what not, but during the installation I got this error (See attachment)

I'm running CCM 4.3(2)

Can the Cisco Security Agent prevent SQL from replicating?

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Re: Rebuilt publisher, now SQL isn't working


I could give you a long-winded answer about the various things that could be at play here but I suspect your first concern is needing this to work (mine would be).  So, here's a veteran suggestion on steps to take:

1) Open a TAC case with Cisco and see if they can work you through this in the current state (i.e., Pub is rebuilt, remaining servers were left alone).

2) If TAC cannot help you resolve, your best course of action is to rebuild the cluster from scratch (starting with the Publisher, which has been done).

While CSA can block a number of things, I'd be surprised if it is the culprit for all of the errors displayed in your screen shots.


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