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Recommende Fax over WAN with PBX on far side

Near side

Fax connected to ATA setup for passthrough mode > callamanger 6.1 > h323 gateway > WAN

Far side

FAX > connected to PBX > h323 gateway WAN

What is the recommended setup when the near side is all Cisco VOIP but the far side is a PBX with faxes behine the far side cisco h323 gateway?

I can send faxes to far side but far side can't send to me. Show connection, but fax doesn't complete from far side to near side.

On Near side I have modem passthrough on outbound dial-peers to far side as well as dial-peer pointing to callmangarATA. Codec is g711ulaw and fax rate disabled.

On far side I have modem-passthrough set for outbound voip dial-peer, fax rate disabled and g711ulaw as codec.

Your help is appreciated.



Re: Recommende Fax over WAN with PBX on far side

You must complete voice interoperability testing with third-party gateways and gatekeepers before configuring the T.38 Fax Relay for VoIP H.323 feature in your network because different companies are allowed to select certain parts of H.323 and T.38 to implement into their gateways and gatekeepers.

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