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Recording/Billing systems with cucm 7.1.3 cluster


i have CUCM v7.1.3 cluster of six servers distributed on three different locations connected through the WAN(2 servers on each location):

Location A: have publisher server and one subscriber

Location B: have 2 subscriber servers

Location C: have 2 subscriber servers

phones on each location are registered on one of the local subscribers (call manager 1) and the other subscriber (Call manager 2) and remote location subscriber (call manager 3). i want to have recording and billing system in location C dedicated for the users in that location.

as i know the integration between the CUCM and Recording system (CTI ports) and billing system with be through publisher server. so in this way all the CDR files and CTI communication will be through the WAN and may use alot of bandwidth

can somebody tell me if what iam thinking is right about the communication and what could be the bandwidth utilization required for CDR and CTI communication with the Recording and billing servers


Ibrahim Chehouri

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