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Recording of Hunt Group DN's via SIP Trunk

I am trying to actively record devices that are registered with the CUCM.  I am successful for normal calls, however, for hunt group calls, I am experiencing difficulties, which I believe are attributed to the way that the resulting SIP INVITE messages are composed.

For example,  I set up a broadcast hunt group as follows to record four seperate Cisco IP Communicator softphones, each of which have a DN associated with the broadcast hunt group:

CUCM System Version

CUCM IP Address

Hunt Pilot

Hunt Group Associated DN's

If we assume that all the devices contained in the hunt group are  registered with the CUCM, whenever a call is made to the hunt group  number (in this example, 7777), devices 1001-1004 ring.  Regardless  of which device answers the call, examination of the SIP traffic on the  SIP trunk always shows the 'From' field to be  '1001@'.  This seems to be because 1001 is the first in the  list of associated DN's.  If the device that 1001 appears on, goes  offline eg. powers down, then 1002 will effectively become the first in  the list and so any calls answered by the hunt group members, show up  in the SIP INVITE message 'From' field, as being: '1002@'.

Why does the 'From' field of the resulting SIP INVITE message always contain the first registered DN in the list of hunt group DN's instead of the DN that actually answered the hunt group call?

Is there some additional configuration on the CUCM that I should be performing, or is that the correct behaviour?


Change the connected party

Change the connected party settings in the hunt pilot. I had the same issue in CUCM 10.5, then after to allow enabled, I fixed it.


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