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Recording SIP phone- CUCM 8.5.1

I am setting up recording (Eventide VR-725) with a 7962. Looks like I have it using BIB.


BUT, is there a way to record a virtual SIP phone?

This is a DN on an Avtec dispatch console. It is using SIP but no actual instrument.

Is there a way I can get it to record on my Eventide?



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Probably not directly on the

Probably not directly on the SIP phone itself, unless it has a feature to do that. I am not familar with the Avtec application.


You could do it by SPANing the switch port to a recording server that supports span recording.


If you have a CUBE with SIP trunks you could use newer network based recording (media forking) feature on CUBE (IOS). 


I can try to give it a go-

I can try to give it a go- since it is a 'virtual' phone appearing at two places but I think originating from another it may be a bit of a challenge to SPAN it (have to be an RSPAN).

I don't recall, is there a way to send only specific traffic (phone) when doing a SPAN?

The one I did before was sending everything I believe.

 (Cisco 3560X switches).





I wanted to do a followup on

I wanted to do a followup on this.


I got the Avtec SIP phones to record.

I simply have them 'audio forward' to the recorder on the proper port (assigned to channel) and they worked fine.

I thought it didn't work right before, but now that the VoIP Gateway (Eventide) is gone it is working just fine.



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