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Redial From IP-Phone or SRST Issue !!!

hi all ,

I have two Questions!!

Q-1) I have got one little issue from one of my customer ... my customer can get line or can make calls by pressing first 9 key then the desired number..e.g. 91234567 ...ok .. now my customer gets miss calls from any number....e.g.17700777 and he wants to call back on same number by pressing only redial key on ip phone,which he cant & he wont be able to bcoz in route pattern out going calls are configured by pressing 9 key only ... the number which he is redialing or available in miss call list is starting without 9key .... its simple solution is to edit that number by adding 9 Key in start and then call ... for which customer is not accepting ... so how we can configure this option in CCM 6.0 that if he wants to make calls he has to press 9 key & if he wants to redial the numbers which are listed in miss call he can call them without add 9key in start ...

Q-2) can any one tell me the configuration needs to be done on CME Voice Gateway or parameters on CCM6.0 for SRST !!! if any one can share running config will be very apprecitable and helpfull !!!!



Re: Redial From IP-Phone or SRST Issue !!!

You an setup a translation rule on the gateway to prefix the necessary digit for inbound calls. Here is an example:

voice translation-rule 9999

rule 1 // /9\1/ --->translate X to 9X.

You can add more detail doig the following. Let say your area code starts with 123 and everything else is long distance. You can do this.

voice translation-rule 9999

rule 1 /\(^123$\)/ /9\1/ -->translate anything starting with 123 to 9123

rule 2 // /91\1/ --> translate anything starting with anything other then 123 to 91X

voice translation-profile pstnprefix

translate called 9999

You can add the following statement on the PRI voiceport, Analog port or incoming matched dialpeer.

translation-profile incoming pstnprefix

Hope this helps. Please rate post.

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Re: Redial From IP-Phone or SRST Issue !!!



HI Kelvin,


thanks for your reply, actually i've run MGCP between G/W and CCM how can i configure Translation rules .... any other solution !!!!!





Re: Redial From IP-Phone or SRST Issue !!!

Hi nasry,

For SRST creat SRST refernce where name can be any name and ip address will be the ip address of the router. then go to the device pool and select the SRST reference which just you have created.

Now configure the router using below commands

in configuration mode


max-conferences 8 gain -6

ip source-address IP address) port 2000

max-ephones 52

max-dn 150

If it helps you do rate me.



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Re: Redial From IP-Phone or SRST Issue !!!



Thanks ashfaque !!! thanks aloot



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