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Redirect Call with Call Manager


Im using CCM 4.1.3 with unity 4.2.

Actually when someone call us with the prime line, unity take control of this call...the person can enter an extension..

But know we need to make a change on the network.. and our unity server will be down for couple of hour.

Can we use a service from the CCM to answer external call and redistribute the extension??



VIP Purple

Re: Redirect Call with Call Manager


You can use a translation pattern to redirect incoming calls to another extension. This would not allow the caller to enter an extension, but would redirect the call to a DN that you configure.

Hope this helps.


Community Member

Re: Redirect Call with Call Manager

Hi Brandon..

Thanks for your answer...

We did like that in past... Somebody was anwsering phone and dial the good extension...

But now... im wondering if its possible to use a service of call manager to answer call..

and let person enter an extension...

Do you know something like that?


Re: Redirect Call with Call Manager

There is not a "handler" in ccm that can handle incoming calls and allow them to choose an extension as you are requesting. CCM offloads those capabilities to another system such as CRS or unity. I would take brandon's advice above and use a translation pattern to redirect them to the internal operator.

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