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Redirected extension in CME


Noticed on a 3725 router that you only have an option for redirect-called. As i want to change the orginal A party ani number this doesnt seem to work.

Pstn Inbound > Sip server > cme router(3725) > 7941(callfwd) > 7941(callfwd) > cme router > Sip server > Pstn Outbound

In order for the redirected call to work it has to go out with a specific ani number and not the original one on the first Pstn inbound call.

For some reason translation rules wont change the ani number for the redirect calls?

Any way of doing this?


Re: Redirected extension in CME

what is the current ANI coming and the current config?

Are you applying rules to putgoing -sip PSTN and matching against what?

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Re: Redirected extension in CME

Inbound ani is the pstn number. Now i think the issue could be with doing external redirects from within CME as it sends Sip response 302 (moved temporarily) to the sip server and that tries to resend the call again to the new number. Shouldn't CME do the redirect especially if its an internal call-forward?

So basically a call comes inbound from the PSTN and the sip server sends the call to the CME router which passes it to an ephone. Then that ephone has a call forward to another ephone which then call forwards back out to a mobile number on the pstn.

On the last redirect to the mobile number on the pstn the ani needs to be changed to a specific pilot number to allow the call to go out. But i'm unable to change the original ani number from the first inbound call. I've tried multiple translation profiles.

If the redirect is sent back to the sip server then the person calling inbound would be charged for the redirect and not the ephone receiving the call..

Does that make any sense ;-)

Re: Redirected extension in CME

simple question

if u apply an outgoing translation profile that match any calling number and change it to the one u want what happen?

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Re: Redirected extension in CME

In the debug attached you can see a call being made from the PSTN (ext 200) and sent to ephone 033412020 which is then call-forwarded to 9026150250. Now i need to change the ani from 200 to soemthing else but the redirect doesnt not go through the translation-profiles on the dial-peers as the call-forward is done by the sip-server with the 302 sip message.

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Re: Redirected extension in CME

Config attached

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Re: Redirected extension in CME

Or this an issue with external CME call forwarding with sip dial-peers.

Cisco mentions three methods of call forwarding with CME:

H450,Hairpinning and H323

Re: Redirected extension in CME

can u try to apply the voice translation profile on the ephon level

by the way for an outgoing call or redirected aplly it as incoming (inbound) direction on the ephone level

for example:

voice translation-rule 102

rule 1 /^.*/ /033419401/

voice translation-profile ephoneout

translate calling 102

ephone-dn 1 dual-line

translation-profile incoming ephoneout

try it and good luck

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Re: Redirected extension in CME

No good same issue. None of the translation rules work for the redirect as it uses the 302 sip callforward message.

This wouldnt be an issue if we had an isdn attached to the CME router.

But as we are using a Sip server to terminate to the PSTN does this mean we have to do the redirect on the sip server instead?

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