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Redirecting Group Calls to Mobiles


our support desk operates through UCCX however in the event of staff not able to get in we'd like to direct the calls to their work mobiles by manually directing the Route Point to a group number.

My first thought would be to add point CTI points to the line group that would then forward to the mobiles but the system will not allow me to add them.

This is because adding directory numbers that forward to mobiles didn't work. ( BTW, all CSS' are configured correctly to ring mobiles )

Please let me know if there is anyway to achieve this - I know that the call wouldn't bouce around the mobiles but just a way to distribute the calls on a longest idle basis would be fine.

CM 4.2(3)

Thanks in advance

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Re: Redirecting Group Calls to Mobiles

You definitally do not want to be messing with the CTI RP or Port configuration for CCX. I would suggest adding appropriate logic within your CCX script that makes this decision. Optionally, you could enable Mobile Connect for certain users so you can direct to their enterprise directory number instead of managing cell phone numbers directly in CCX.

Here's one high-level overview of how you could accomplish this; there are others:

  1. Add a Boolean-type variable within the script and assign it the Paramter flag.
  2. Use an If step at the approptiate point in your script (prior to the Select Resource step at least) that evaluates if this new boolean variable is true or false.
    1. If true, use the Call Consult Transfer step. Feel free to have a second String-type variable that is also a Paramter if you intend to change the number often.
    2. If false, proceed on to the Select Resource step.
  3. In the event that you want to invoke this, log in to /appadmin and change the boolean variable on the application to true. The script will immediatly start directing callers toward the defined destination as new itereations of the script are triggered.

The Call Consult Transfer step allows you to perform further actions in certain scenarios that the Call Redirect step does not. It's up to you which you use.

Re: Redirecting Group Calls to Mobiles

I think the approach suggested by Jonathan will only direct calls to a single destination and the OP wanted to distribute the calls amongst a group of mobiles.

One way that this could be done is use the outline approach suggested by Jonathan but  introduce "call sharing" by following the process below.

Create an XML file with the mobile numbers listed in an XML file similar that below.


You would then have a second XML file containing an integer value.

The script would read the integer value and use this to read the corresponding value from the XML file containing the numbers. The script would then increment the integer value and write it back to the second XML file. There would need to be some logic to set the integer back to 1 when a maximum value matching the number of mobile contacts is reached.

The (MobileX> value would then be used in a Call Transfer Step to transfer the call to the tech support guy.

This would round robin requests to the tech guys. The maximum integer value before resetting to 1 could be made a parameter and the XML file edited as necessary.

It is not very elegant but it should work.

New Member

Re: Redirecting Group Calls to Mobiles

Sounds good, I'm a bit "fingers and thumbs" with scripts so I can see I'll be doing a lot of testing! but I understand where your coming from so thanks for lighting the way !

Re: Redirecting Group Calls to Mobiles

No problem,

I think in your situation I would probably be looking at giving the users IP Communicator for their laptosp rather than redirecting to mobiles. This would allow them to connect over a VPN and login to UCCX as normal and provide a better level of service but I guess that you may have reasons for not doing that.

Re. the scripts you could get really sophisticated and write scripts that would allow the remote users to opt their mobile in/out of the call group but I would get the basics working first.

I would be interested to hear how you progress with this.



New Member

Re: Redirecting Group Calls to Mobiles

That would be ideal and we may well go down the IPC & Agent route

- at the moment we are having a few problems with IPC over VPN hence the need for a fall back system - plus we have other depts that need to be on this kind of set up who are not users of the UCCX.

I visit our support company tomorrow so I'll run everything by them - they may even suggest something else as I'll be looking at V7 and V8 (we run V4).

New Member

Re: Redirecting Group Calls to Mobiles

Thanks for this - V 4.x to my knowledge does not use Mobile Connect. But I have a better ubderstanding of how we could implement this via scripts.


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