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Redundancy with FXO

I need to know how to achieve redundancy using FXO ports on our routers. We have two 3745 routers each with one PRI off of our DS3 from our telco provider, however we have had two occassions in the last month where we've been down completely, no inbound or outbound calls.

We have two 4-port FXO cards and 8 POTS lines in a hunt group which we just havent gotten around to configuring. My question is how do we go about this. What needs to be configured on the routers and what needs to be configured in CM? Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.




Re: Redundancy with FXO

For outgoing calls, you need to create an Route Group that contains as first member the PRI and second the FXO ports.

If routing the call to the Telco fails...

we can use the FXO for outgoing calls...

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Re: Redundancy with FXO

What about for inbound calls? Also is there a good resource out there for configuring the FXO card/ports on the router?

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Re: Redundancy with FXO

went through the same. For inbound if you have more than one site you can temporarily re-route your RL to go through another site. You will have to do this for your local, long distance Route Lists and whatever else you have.

For local, you may need to add the 1XXX (area code) as a prefix for outgoing calls.

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