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register ip phone at JTAPIProvider fails

Hi there,

I have the following problem. I want to monitor some 7962 via a JTAPI application.

by proceeding the following code

Terminal term1 = provider.getTerminal("SEPxxx1");

I get an error message like that:

"Terminal SEPxxx1 is not in provider's domain."

The strange thing is that it happens just occasionally and I cannot figure out why. Does that happens to some of you guys as well and is there way to avoid it?

Cheers and thx in advance!



Re: register ip phone at JTAPIProvider fails

This does obviously not work for external numbers because the sample makes a call, answers it and the hangs up. How would jtapi have an external call answered? It cannot because it has no control over that number, and hence the error message which tells you that jtapi cannot control that (external) number. Are you using the makecall sample and giving one number as external number?

New Member

Re: register ip phone at JTAPIProvider fails


but I do not use an external number!!!

All of the phones which I want to monitor are internal phones and have internal numbers. All of the phones are registered at the Call Manager and I use AXL to get a list of all registered phones. But if I want to place the observer on the respective terminal I get the mentioned error message!

Any clues why?

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