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Registration Rejected message. Require clarification..


I have one of my phones that doesn't have a configuration yet, giving me a Registration Rejected message. I have setup a Publisher(ccm1) and Subscriber(ccm2).

I have kept Default CUCM group as Auto-registration Cisco Unified CM Group with only ccm1 being the member. I have created other CUCM groups with Subscriber(ccm2) being the primary, ccm1 being the secondary and assigned them to device pools and had no issues with other phones regsitering when assigned these device pools manually.

Based on Network configuration settings on the ip phone, that gives the error,

I see tftp server1 ip address same as ccm1.

From what i get is it goes to ccm1(its primary tftp server) and asks for SEP<mac>.xml file, and since the file doesn'tt exist as the phone is not configured it then asks for XMLDefault.cnf.xml file

q) Can i see the XMLDefault.cnf.xml file in CUCM, which the phone is getting, just like i could view it in Cisco Router running CME. ??

q) can i see tftp events in CUCM just as i did in Cisco Router with debug tftp-server events CLI Command ??

Based on Network configuration settings page on the phone, call manager1 ip address as ccm2 & call manager2 ip address as ccm1

Its getting the list of ccm2(primary) & ccm1 (secondary) in the XMLDefault.cnf.xml file and trying to contact ccm2 which is disabled for auto-registration, and getting Registration Rejected message.

Wouldn't XMLDefault.cnf.xml file should only list ccm1, as i believe only the default group listing will be sent to the phone and since it default group consist of ccm1 ?

Can i specifically edit XMDefault.cnf.xml file to only list ccm1 ??



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