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Reliability of Jabber iPhone vs 7925 wifi phones vs wired deskphones


We are having an internal discussion on the reliability of Jabber (for iPhone and Android) clients, Cisco wifi phones like 7925's and regular Cisco wired deskphones. In our opinion wired phones are more reliable than wireless phones because of wireless' property of being more susceptible to interference. Wireless will work just fine most of the times, but there still might be voice quality or even availability issues due to dark spots, roaming issues or other interferences like microwaves. I think this is a general conclusion that everyone will agree upon.

The next point of discussion are the differences in reliability between regular Cisco wifi phones like the 7925 and using a softclient on a cellphone like Jabber for iPhone. So far I have never read any points made by Cisco about these differences. If I were to believe Cisco, Jabber for iPhone should work flawlessly. I tend to believe this is not true. Since you have a combination of vendors and applications on one device, it's probably very hard if not impossible to properly support the Jabber for iPhone client and enroll it to end users with the idea of "this is a complete replacement for your deskphone". Using a mobile device management system you could block all applications except for Jabber on the iPhone, but this completely goes against the idea of using these mobile devices. If you'd limit the phone to only run Jabber, why wouldn't you use a 7925 to begin with?

People will have the same expectancies of their Jabber client's performance as that of their deskphone; they expect it will always work in any situation as long as they are on premises. To which extend is this assumption true? Cisco markets the Jabber for iPhone client as a client you can deploy to any type of user, but is this really the case? Would you want to deploy it in a healthcare environment, giving it to a doctor on call? Or would you perhaps even consider not giving this user a wireless phone at all, since even 7925’s are more susceptible to issues than deskphones or pagers?

I haven’t found any documents written by Cisco about this subject. How do you (users of this forum and Cisco employees) look at this? Is it possible to give uptime guarantees on 7925 and Jabber for iPhone/Android phones? I know this heavily depends on your wireless infrastructure, but let’s assume it’s a regular well-functioning Cisco wireless network.


Ruud van Strijp

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This is a great question!  I

This is a great question!  I have the same....did you ever get to the bottom of the answer?  Thanks!

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