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Relocating CUCM's and Gateway

Hello, I'm looking for some professional advice on a project I'm working on.

We're looking to relocate our CUCM's (two server version 6.1.1) and our 2811 voice gateway. We'd be relocating them to the central site of our mesh WAN, which is currently our DR site.

At the moment, the CUCM's and gateway sit at our home office, and this is where our two PRI's terminate. If we move the cucm's and gateway, we'd also move the PRI's to terminate at the same place (or dr site).

Once the move is done, the gateway for our home office will sit on the other side of three bonded T1's. My concern is, how efficient will this be to service our home office if the gateway is on the other side of these T1's. Given, we'd never have enough calls to fill up those two PRI's, but we'd also need to consider the bandwidth of voice traffic to our other two sites (one office has 3 users the other has 12). Both the other offices have their own gateways so they wouldn't use the one sitting at the DR site for local outbound calls in their respective area's and long distance as well.

So, here's what I'm thinking. We move our PRI's to this DR site along with the CUCM's. Setup the three T1's, bonded, that connect our home office to the DR site. Reconfigure our home office to use the voice gateway that actually sits in a different subnet. What kind of issues can anyone predict I might run into with this setup? Please see the attachment for a drawing of where I'm going with this.

The whole objective of this is if our home office is "unavailable" our voice communications outside of the home office still function as normal, as opposed to bringing down all our communications when our home office is down.

Thank you very much for any advice you may have.

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Re: Relocating CUCM's and Gateway

What's your reasoning behind moving the PRIs?

First if you have DIDs tied to it, and you are moving the circuit to another location most likely you will not be able to port the DIDs.

Here is what I would recommand:

Move the CM server

Leave the voice GW locally and configure as SRST so in case you loose WAN link you can still send/receive calls, also you need local GW for 911 calling.

Get another GW for the data cetner if you want to create some kind of backup call routing.



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Re: Relocating CUCM's and Gateway

If we don't move the PRI's our DID's will have to change if we get a new PRI. The entire reason for wanting to move the PRI's out of the home office is so we can move our call managers to the DR site and ensure all normal voice functions can continue in the even our home office is unusable. We're in a flood plane, and this past spring was close call and we discovered we're really not ready to lose our home office to water.

We're thinking we'll have a ISDN backup line once this is all done as well.

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Re: Relocating CUCM's and Gateway

As I said you still want to have local GW at the site for 911 calling as well as Survivability (SRST) in case you loose the WAN. You can get a second GW for the data center and use it for backup routing.



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