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Remote Branch has PRI for Local/LD, caller id incorrect

We have Cisco Call Manager 4.3 and all remote branches are using call manager for internal calls, utilizing 4-digit extensions.

Each remote branch has it's own PRI for their local and LD calls.

One branch, when placing local/LD calls, they are showing up as one of the internal branch 4-digit extensions.

For example, the other remote branches are showing up as the main branch 7-digit extension (DID associated to PRI) in caller ID.

The one branch in question is showing up as 7400.

Where would this br configured?

Each branch has a single router for connectivity to main site and the PRI is plugged into it as well.

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Re: Remote Branch has PRI for Local/LD, caller id incorrect


You need to make sure that the ip phones on this remote branch have their external mask configured. To do this, go to Phone and click on the DN. Scroll down you should see a place where to ocnfigure the external mask

secondly, ensure that you have the use external mask st to on under the route-list where you have this gateway.

To check this, click on the RL you have for this gateway, you should see the route groups or the gateway in the RL. Click on th route group and set the Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask to on

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