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Remote call forwarding from exchange

I have this problem with incoming calls from a PRI. There are three numbers, 9700, 1800 and 3560. The 9700 is the main DDi and calls coming in on that come on to callmanager 4.2 in the day fine and in night straight to Unity Connect fine.

Calls to 1800 and 3560 are fine in the day but in night when they go to Unity they go into the main greeting as if they have been received as unintergrated calls.

Now 1800 and 3560 have remote call forwarding on them in the exchange as they are old numbers from the customers previous address and I believe I know the problem but cant find a solution.

**Debug of call to 9700 and 1800 attached**

I think I need to tell the gateway to ignore the remote operations protocol information and just act on the called number. Its funny though because the call routes correctly through callmanager although the SDL trace shows the 1800 number as the CPN number.

I have tried termiating the incoming call on a CTI port and a CTI route point with forward all to VM and even tried forward on no answer as I though terminating the call first would reclass the call when it went into Unity but it didnt work.

Any advice will be hugely appreciated.

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Re: Remote call forwarding from exchange

And here is the attachment lol.

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