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Remote IP Communicator

I have a new install that I am working on remotely. I want to use an IPC to test. My IPC is registered and I can make calls. The odd part is that as soon as I dial a number - say an LD number, the call goes through but I have no audio and what even stranger is that my phone becomes unresponsive. If I hit the end call or try to hang up it is unresponsive to any key press. After about a minute, the phone resets and is back to normal. i can then dial a phone number and the moment the call gets connected, I loose control, it hangs. Same thing happens when I try to call my AIM-CUE module. Does this point to routing across the VPN or is there a config issue here somewhere that I am unaware of. I don't have any local phones yet, so I can't test with a hard phone.


Re: Remote IP Communicator

Check the bug:

CSCsc90256: VPN3K drops ip communicator packets with AES encryption to vpnclient 4.6

Troubleshooting Cisco IP Communicator:

Cisco IP Communicator User Guide:

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Re: Remote IP Communicator

Thanks for the reply. I found the issue and it was much more basic! For some reason, not sure why, my audio ip address was set to a manual address rather than automatic. I noticed the same problem on another customer, so I did an upgrade to no avail and then started poking around. Thanks for the reply though.

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