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Remote IP Phone

We have a user that wants to be able to sign a 7940 phone on to our Call Manager system anywhere he is on the internet.

Would both the Gateway, 3825, and the Call Manager need to be on the internet?

Would the phone also need to have public IP or could it sit behind a Linksys router?

I'm assuming I could set up a NAT on the CCM, but don't know the ports.



Re: Remote IP Phone

Usually as a good security call manager is not assigned with any public IP address.

Cisco has another product called as PhoneProxy which does the exact scenario which you are looking for

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Re: Remote IP Phone

Or use Cisco IP communicator on the PC (it emulates a 7970 phone) and register it across a VPN. Lots of users do this and it removes the need for all the extra hardware.

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Re: Remote IP Phone

Would you recommend using the 3825 I'm using as a Voice Gateway to also do the VPN connections or should I get a separate device? Is there documentation to show how many users this supports? We would probably get an AIM VPN module to be safe.

Also I'm assuming I would need to get the Cisco VPN software to load on the PC also?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Remote IP Phone

We just spoke to our Cisco rep.

The phone proxy device is going EOL and he has about a 3 week lead time to get one.

The other option he gave us was an ASA 5505.

The won't be released according to him until July.

I have a 515e PIX that I'm going to attempt to setup at the Call Manager side.

Greatly appreciate if anybody has a config.

Our customer does not want to use a softphone remotely.

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