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Remote Phone Support

HELP!!! I need to set up a remote 7960 phone to connect to our CME via a WAN. On the remote end there is a Linksys RV016 router, the phone has a NAT to a global IP address and the TFTP Server address set to the 7960 is the Gateway address of the 3825(CME)router. On the 3825, I have changed the settings to mtp and codec g729r8 so the remote phone uses CME. I have also tried to NAT the CME Service Module to a Global address but still get the the TFTP Timeout error.

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Re: Remote Phone Support


can you configure port forwarding on the linksys so that TFTP (udp port 69) is forwarded to the phone ?

After that you may still encounter problems because the linksys might not support the SCCP protocol. In that case you can try converting the phone to SIP that is a protocol likely supported by NAT in the linksys.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

do i need sip on the CME or the linksys

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Re: Remote Phone Support

CME has already support for SIP. Linksys doesn't need anything and should be able to support NAT for SIP already.

What you may need is a SIP image on the 7960 phone, that can be downloaded from CCO in the "voice software" area.

But do this only after you have made the TFTP successful, because this independent from SIP or SCCP.

Failing TFTP, you can configure the phone to use a local TFTP server on which you will copy the XML configuration file generated by the router.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

SIPv2 is running on the 3825, should i NAT the service module on the 3825, or is the the gateway address sufficient

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Re: Remote Phone Support


what I'm trying to tell you, is that the linksys router is blocking the TFTP replies from the CME router to the phone. This is why you should configure port-forwarding on the linksys router.

The service-module, that I understand to be your CUE, has nothing to do with the above.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

I enabled port forwarding udp 69 to the remote phone its still timing out

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Re: Remote Phone Support

On the CME router, you can enable "term mon" and "debug tftp-events" to see if at least, the request comes in.

However there is another problem that I didn't mentioned. CME will populate the "processNodeName" in the XML configuration file, with the address that you configured as "ip source" under "telephony-service". This address can be very well an private one, hence unreachable from the Internet.

The workaround, is to cut and paste the XML configuration file (you can see the file name doing "show telephony-service tftp-bindings" and "more ". into a file that you will place on a PC local to the 7960 phone running for example TFTP32, and change the "processNodeName" to the public address for CME.

After that the telephone should register OK, still subject to the potential problem of linksys not supporting SCCP.

All the complications above are the reason why cisco recommends running remote phones over a VPN.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

how do i set up a vpn for the phones i wasnt able to find any literature specific to cme and remote phone vpns

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Re: Remote Phone Support

You will need a router or PIX/ASA capable of doing VPN on both the remote and central sites.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

I have a 3825 with CME 4.0 and a Linksys RV016 they are both capable of setting up a VPN

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Re: Remote Phone Support

So go ahead and configure IPsec VPN:

Note on the CME you will need a k9 image.

Personally, I would try the workarounds exposed before rather than setting a VPN in multi-vendor environment, this is only my opinion however.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

what is the name of the xml file and where do i get it from

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Re: Remote Phone Support

As I said before "show telephony-service tftp-bindings" will tell you all the filenames.

You will see some with mac address, but in reality also the xmldefault will be fine.

Visualize the file with "more ", copy and past into a text file, edit the CME address.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-tones.xml alias United_States/7960-to


tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-font.xml alias English_United_States/


tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-font.xml alias English_United_States/


tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-dictionary.xml alias English_United_S


tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-kate.xml alias English_United_States/


tftp-server system:/its/united_states/7960-kate.xml alias English_United_States/


tftp-server system:/its/united_states/SCCP-dictionary.xml alias English_United_S


tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault-2.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F35B212.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2FE8BBD0.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2FE8BB8F.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2FE7A42D.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault-2.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2FE7A187.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2FE7A274.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F44CA78.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F44C93F.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F44CB19.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2FE8BF53.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F35BEF4.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2FE8BF70.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F35B1F9.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F35B33D.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F44CB1D.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml alias SEP001A2F35AEEE.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/SEPDEFAULT.cnf

tftp-server system:/its/SEPDEFAULT.cnf alias SEPDefault.cnf

tftp-server system:/its/XMLDefault.cnf.xml alias XMLDefault.cnf.xml

tftp-server system:/its/ATADefault.cnf.xml

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Re: Remote Phone Support

As you can see, the MAC specific files are aliased to system:/its/XMLDefault7960.cnf.xml, you do more for this file, copy and paste, edit the IP address, configure into a TFTP server local to the phone.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

i changed the xml file to look for the CME router and it still timing out

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Re: Remote Phone Support

I assume that you have placed the file on a local TFTP server, and the phone is loading it correctly.

I also assume that you have configured the phone for static IP address, netmask, default gateway and TFTP address.

If, please verify IP connectivity, eg ping phone from linksys router.

The phone should be able to register to CME if connectivity is working.

You can verify this opening a web browser on a PC local to the phone, and entering ephone IP address as URL. You should see a page including status messages, debug, etc. Please check and post relevant information here.

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Re: Remote Phone Support

DHCP Server

BOOTP Server No

MAC Address 001A2FE8BF70

Host Name SEP001A2FE8BF70

Domain Name SME

IP Address

Subnet Mask

TFTP Server 1 CME Gateway Router IP

Default Router 1

DNS Server 1

DNS Server 2

Operational VLAN Id

Admin. VLAN Id

CallManager 1 CME Gateway Router

CallManager 2 SRST

Directories URL http://CME Gateway Router IP:80/localdirectory

DHCP Enabled No

DHCP Address Released No

Alternate TFTP No

Erase Configuration NO

Idle URL Timer 0

PC Port Disabled NO

SW Port Configuration AUTO

PC Port Configuration AUTO

TFTP Server 2

User Locale

Network Locale United_States

Handset Only Mode No

GARP Enabled Yes

Voice VLAN Enabled Yes

Auto Line Select Enabled No

Video Capability Enabled No

DSCP For Call Control CS3

DSCP For Configuration CS3

DSCP For Services default

Security Mode Non Secure

Web Access Enabled


I was able to ping the phone from the LInksys router (locally) and from the CME Router via the WAN to the Global NAT

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Re: Remote Phone Support


As I said before, please configure the phone for "TFTP server 1" ato a PC local to the phone, using software like TFTP32 that you can download for free. This PC will have the XML file that you previously copied and edited from CME router.