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Rename extension mobility service


I've CCM 6.1. I am using extension mobility and the service name/ASCII Service Name and Description is given as "Extension Mobility". Everything works fine,now business is asking to rename the "Extension Mobility" to "Login". I've changed the name,ASCII Service name and Description and did the update subscription but still all phones and DP shows the "Extension Mobility". I restarted TFTP/CCM/Extension Mobility services. Also restarted Extension Mobility Application service, TOMCAT and Cisco IP Phone service but no luck.

I can change the subscription manually and it shows correct name, but the existing phones/DP are still showing the old service name. In service subscription window I can see the new name and all new subscriptions work fine but I want to change the existing ones also.

I tried but failed to do it through BAT.

I've large number of users hence manual change to all the phones/DP is time consuming.

Any inputs why this behavior and how to make this change work on the fly..

Thanks in advance

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