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Repeating beeps while trying to record a message...

So here's what i know so far.

Modified a  UCCX script to allow me to record prompts via a phone.  UCCX server is  in Site A, my office is in Site B, our vocal person is in Site C.  All

buildings  are connected with Gig fiber and are about 10% utilized.  All phones  use the same CUCM and UCCX.

When i record, from what looks like any phone, on  Site B, i get the "answering machine" style Beep and then do my  recording until i press #.

However when my vocal person tries from  Site C, they get the "answering machine" style Beep, followed by  another, then another, then another, etc until they press #.  Sometimes  the beep oscillates down by octaves after each ring (funny to hear).   Other times you get blaring static (haven't heard this personally).  It  does however start recording immediately after the first beep, and you  cannot hear all the beeps and static on the recording, just the voice,  but at a reduced volume.  It looks like it does this from every phone on  Site C, and none of the phones on Site B.

I'm at a complete loss as to what  could even cause this.



Re: Repeating beeps while trying to record a message...


have you tried to identify what the differences are between site B and C?   Codec maybe? Calling search space?

also, how do you conect to UCCX, using CUCM?

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