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Replace a Subscriber Server

This is my question: CUCM 4.3.1

I have a cluster with 3 servers, 1 Publisher and 2 Subscribers. Now I want to disconnect 1 Subscriber from my cluster and create another cluster with that server. Can I to put the drive(72G) of my Publisher on the Subscriber server and then I will change IP address and I will tuning correctly the configuration?

Is this correct this procedure?

Is this a procedure Cisco Certiface?

I found that it is possible to change IP address, but I did not find any documents from Cisco in order to do this operation

Thanks a lot


Re: Replace a Subscriber Server

You need to remove the subscriber completely from the Cluster- there are two scripts you need to run ,. Do a search in Cisco on "remove subscriber...."

This cleans up the DB in the pub. With regards to moving eeh HD the answer is no, as when you build the original Pub/ Sub`s there are DB references to it - I think?

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Re: Replace a Subscriber Server

Hi. What version of Callmanager are you running? Here is a doc for version 4.1.3

If you are in a production environment, make sure you move all the services off of the server you plan to remove from the cluster. Make sure nothing is registered to it and no dial-peers etc are pointed at it.

Then remove the server using the Callmanager administration. There are some scripts (Bat files) that must be ran to clean up SQL replication and DCD.

Make sure you follow the instructions EXACTLY. If you do not run the scripts correctly you could drop the wrong database/subscription and be SOL. Don't ask how I know this :-)

If you have another CCM version just do a search for "removing a subscriber server from Cisco Callmanager" on

Good luck!

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Re: Replace a Subscriber Server

Thanks. I will do this procedure

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