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Replace a Subscriber

Hi there

I am looking for some help in replacing a Subscriber in our CUCM 9.1 cluster. A server had a disk fault and after replacing the faulty parts I am now looking to rebuild the subscriber

I am following this document:

So have the following questions as older version of CUCM we just build the Sub and waited for the db synch.

1. After the initial install of the CUCM software do the services start up in the Sub automatically? (phones switch register with it) or do they come up after you go through the DRS for the subscriber? ("Replace Subscriber or dedicated TFTP server" Step 6 )

2. After the services come up on the new Subscriber do the phones automatically register with the subscriber or do we need to reset the "CM Group" which contains the Subscriber

3. Which parameters (hostname, IP add, NTP etc ..) must match exactly with the original for the DRS import to work?


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Replace a Subscriber

1. After rebuild the services will not start automatically, after DRS restore they should, you can always go to serviceability page to check

2. Yes

3. Hostname and IP address



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Replace a Subscriber

Yes all information must match during the install wizard process.  NTP hostname, etc.. Once the restore is complete it will begin the replication and Chris is right.


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Replace a Subscriber

Hi Earl,

Sorry I am now confused :-)

Chris is saying only "Hostname and IP address". Unless I am not readying his answer correctly?

You are saying "all information must match" ? dose that mean small things like timezone, location, unit etc ... all the paremeters during the install phase


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Replace a Subscriber

well for best practice, I would match the same information that was on the other sub.  The sub gets their NTP from the Pub.


Replace a Subscriber

Hi Alexis,

you need to have same :

a. IP address.

b. Gateway.

c. Subnet Mask

d. Security PAssword

e. OS and Application username /password.

organisation  and unit does not do not get option to enter NTP while installing Subscriber.



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Replace a Subscriber

Just though I would add the following after I did the restore. Not sure if others will find it helfull

  • I didn't do a DRS restore. From what I could see I could only restore the cluster not the server.
  • For DRS to work all that was needed to match was IP address, Hostname and Security Password
  • Because the unit, location etc didn’t match exactly as previous the trust between pub and sub broke. I did the following to restore it:
  • DB replication didn’t take long. Services did not automatically start on Sub so phones/trunks only registered with the new sub after I manually started the services.

Anyway hope that helps


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