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Replacement server cucm 4

Hi, I have a CUCM 4.2.(1) running in a MCS server this server is the Publisher of the Cluster, and I have a new server MCS and I would like use this new server as Publisher. What I need to back up all configurartion of the Publisher? Running the Cisco BARS, with the file generated by CISCO BARS, I will have all the configuration?


Re: Replacement server cucm 4

If you are staying at the same version, you can use the BARS to do a restore once you've rebuilt the server to same revision it's at now.  If you are upgrading, then you need to use the Data Migration Assistant (DMA) tool to back up the data from Windows and import it into Linux.

If you want to provide more details or have other questions, let me know.


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Re: Replacement server cucm 4

I agree with the Cisco BARS. Yes, the idea is to clone the publisher server, is the same version of the Call Manager.

Re: Replacement server cucm 4

Yep, that's the way to go if you're doing a replacement.

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On Mar 31, 2010, at 4:46 PM, thomas19991

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Re: Replacement server cucm 4

Hi Thomas,

Here is a little added info (just in case);

***When you perform a server replacement, you must always manually enter the IP information, computer name, and other configuration data exactly as it was entered on the original server.

Replacing the Publisher Database Server After the Installation

To replace an existing or failed server, perform the following steps:

1. Install the operating system and the Cisco CallManager software as if it were a new installation by using the Cisco-provided operating system disks and the operating system documentation.

2. Upgrade to the version of the Cisco CallManager that you want to restore.

3. If necessary, reinstall the Cisco IP telephony applications, plugins, and service releases to the version that is compatible with the restored version of Cisco CallManager.

4. To obtain the locales that were used prior to the restoration, reinstall the Cisco IP Telephony Locale Installer.

5. Restore the backup data to the new server and reboot the server.

To restore the data, you must have backup data stored on tape or on a network directory, not on the local directory of the existing or failed server.

6. Verify that the data was restored to the new server.

7. If you are replacing a server with four drives, Cisco recommends that you set the trace directory path on the server to the default C: drive before you backup your server.

8. If your server has four drives, you can configure the trace drive for trace file collection.

From this doc;

Here is a good doc that has all the info for doing Backups and then restoring on the new box;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Replacement server cucm 4


To obtain a succesfull result of the configuration import, in the BARS tools. I have to use the same passwords used in the process of installing of the operating system and the same passwords entered in the in installation of the application of call manager?

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Re: Replacement server cucm 4

Hi Thomas,

That is correct my friend

The "private password phrase" is most important for re-building

You can reset the Private Password Phrase if needed

From one of my faves, Jorge Barcena

To change the password phrase


You can use Adminutility tool to reset the Private password phrase, this tool only runs on

the Publisher and needs to be done after hours since it stops services; here is the path

and the steps to run it.


Log into the utility as Administrator and select the very top checkbox to select all

accounts. Then go to Options and Set new password

It will ask you for the password phrase, and the tool will run, everything keeps working

fine after the tool finishes

Check Password Synchronization with the Admin Utility in the Cisco CallManager Cluster



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Re: Replacement server cucm 4

Thanks ROB, my problem is that I do not have the account of Windows administrator.

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Re: Replacement server cucm 4

Hi Thomas,

If you can login to CCMAdmin then this is the same as the Windows 2000 Server Local Administrator I believe



Re: Replacement server cucm 4

Actually, it is possible that Multi-level Admin (MLA) is enabled on the system. If this is the case, then the user credentials would not be the same as the local OS. Though, I have found that many people deploy there systems and set the MLA admin account (default: ccmadministrator) to use the same exact password as the OS account (default: administrator). A horrible practice, but there is a good probability that even if you have MLA enabled you may be able to logon to the OS using "administrator" as a user ID and the same password you use on the CUCM as the password.

That being said, Rob is correct in that it is also very common that MLA is not enabled. If this is the case, then the account you are using for the CCMAdmin web portal is most likely a local OS admin. It isn't a guarantee though.

Also, if you do find you have MLA enabled for the CCMAdmin interface but you know the user account you use to logon to BARS or BAT (if you do this) then you are still good to go. These apps don't leverage MLA in the 4x release and while one could configure the applications to run using accounts with less than OS full admin rights, that isn't a very common configuration.




HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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