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Replacing hardware for CUCM 7.0(1)

We want to replace an existing HP DL380 with a spare Cisco MCS7845-H1 and I wanted to know if it's as easy as swapping drives from the old server to the new. We'd remove the second drive from the existing server and replace with a clean drive so it will replicate and give us a spare, in case it's needed.

Does anything think this will work? I am trying to reduce the time necessary to make the hardware swap and prevent us from needed to rebuild the subscriber from scratch.


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Re: Replacing hardware for CUCM 7.0(1)

I did once nearly the same thing. I took the disc out of a HP DL320 G3, put them into a HP DL320 G4 and recieved a blue screen.

So, give it a try, but don't loose too much time on it.



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Re: Replacing hardware for CUCM 7.0(1)

Thanks Peter - this was a CUCM 7 subscriber, so it was linux.

As of note, this swap went very smooth. We literally moved the 4 drives (in raid 1+0) from one chassis to another. It was an HP DL380 G3 to an MCS7845-H1. We seated drives 0 and 1, and left drives 2 and 3 unseated but sitting in their new slots just to make sure we had a recovery plan. The system booted, and when checking for the proper BIOS version, detected that needed to be upgraded. The system upgraded the HP Bios and then rebooted. The system came back up, everything re-registered. Granted it took about 15 minutes or so for everything to come back to life but, it worked!

I learned something. If this was a Windows setup we would have just rebuilt the subscriber :)



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