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Reporting on how often a route pattern is being used

Does anyone know how to run a report to determine how often a particular route pattern or translation pattern is being used? I have CUCM 6.1.4.

Here is my situation. Due to some poor dialplan design by my predessor, we are currently allowing our users to dial external with or without a preceding 9. Yeah, I know. Because this causes every call to wait for the interdigit timeout to expire, the interdigit timout had to be reduced to 3 second. Yeah, I know.

However, I am confident that 90+% of the users are dialing a 9 to get an outside line. But since I have route patterns that insert the 9 before the call gets sent to the VG (so at least the VG's are not included in this nonsense) I cannot tell how many calls are hitting which route pattern. If I could put a number on that, it would be alot easier for me to go to management and say this should change.

Any thoughts?


Re: Reporting on how often a route pattern is being used

You can use CDR/ART

I think they added an option for ROute pattern utilization

Re: Reporting on how often a route pattern is being used

I found that, but that only shows you what route patterns are associated with which route groups, so you can select the route group. The report stills show the utilization of the ports in the route group as a percentage of time used on all channels versus total time available on all channels, not the number of calls (or percentage of calls) that were routed by that route pattern.

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