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Requirements guidelines for Setting up a DR Site for CUCM and CUC ver.8.6

Hi Guys,


I want to setup a DR Site for the existing site, What would be the requirements for setting up the DR Site. 

When my existing live site completely goes down  so it will come with DR site. 

is it like Clustering Over the IP WAN ?






Go through the SRND of your

Go through the SRND of your CUCM version it has some good recommendation.



HIKindly check the below:


Kindly check the below:-

You have to consider the below:-

1- Which solution you are looking forward , totally disaster recovery solution which will need same hardware as HQ or you just need a temporary solution as remote SRST router which can handle phones till the connection go back to the HQ.

2- You have to think about "HW  "CUCM,CUC" and what max IP phones should be supported  , licenses for "IP phones " , network connectivity " switches , cables ,etc ..



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Hi Ashish, DR site needs to

Hi Ashish,


DR site needs to be planned as per requirement of customer..There can be lots of ways to setup a DR site for existing site..It needs to be planned carefully after discussion with customer.

I am giving you some examples for DR site :

1. Your complete voice setup including network is going down...=> Then you need to plan DR of voice systems as well as Network devices.

2. Only Voice systems goes down( CUCM + CUC) => This is your requirement..I can guide you some best practices :

a. you may keep 1 or 2 CUCM subscriber( depending on your  at DR location and CUC Subscriber at DR location and configuration of CM group/device pools can be configured in the same way. But in this scenario Customer  will have to bear cost of MPLS bandwidth as replication between CUCM publisher/subscribers takes 1.5 MBPS on WAN.


b. you may keep another CUCM and CUC cluster at DR site and Option 150 TFTP needs to be planned in the same way. First TFTP will keep pointing the active CUCM cluster and 2nd TFTP address will point to DR site. or you can also plan for manual intervention of TFTP changes on IP phones  after disaster.


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