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Reserving PRI channels for outbound or inbound calls

Hi Guys,

I have a 30 channel ISDN PRI coming into a 2811 voice gateway and CallManager 5.0(4) system.

Is it possible from the CallManager or gateway side to reserve certain channels in the PRI for outbound only, or inbound only calls?

Havent decided gateway protocol yet. It may be H323 or MGCP. Does either support anything like this?

I have done this before by getting the telco to enforce this from the switch side. But wondering if it can be done from CallManager or the gateway.



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Re: Reserving PRI channels for outbound or inbound calls

With h323 you can do this at gateway level.

Suppose you never want to take more than 20 inbound, to always have 10 outbound. (ok, 3 as I suspect you are in N.A)

You configure max-connections in the relevant dial-peer, inbound or outbound, and that will have the effect of reserving channel for some purposes.

You can select / restrict the DP using an variety of parameters. Suppose you want to above to limit incoming to and outgoing to 20 each, except calls to emergency have no limits.

dial-peer voice 100 pots

max-connections 20

incoming called-number 3...

dial-peer voice 110 pots

destination-pattern .T

max-connections 20

dial-peer voice 120 pots

destination-pattern 911

no max-connections (default)

The PRI will however allocate channels as needed while respecting you constrains above.

There are more parameters you can use to select overrides, like originating number, but it becomes more complicated and requires use of "steering digits" and related translations.

I do not really know what is possible to do with MGCP on the CCM if go with it, but others can fill the gap.

Hope this helps, if so please rate post!

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