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Reset CUCM Admin Password


I forgot the CUCM operating system password , how i can reset the admin operating system password. i cannot enter in the CLI




You need to use recovery

If you cant able to access the CLI , you need to use recovery option to reset the password. Here is the link


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Dears,the username which i


the username which i put while installation was wrong so i need to change the username Is there any way to change the admin username and also can we create an another account with same as admin privileges.



I think you can not rename

I think you can not rename the users created during install but you can rename cm Administrator user id with below command but not the OS user id.

 utils reset_ui_administrator_name

For creating a new user id having same access as cm Administrator then you need to create a new application user and assign it to ccm super user group , again you can not create a new user id for OS administration.


Recovering Administrator and

Recovering Administrator and Security Passwords

If you lose the administrator password or security password, use the following procedure to reset these passwords.

To perform the password recovery process, you must be connected to the system through the system console, that is, you must have a keyboard and monitor connected to the server. You cannot recover a password when connected to the system through a secure shell session.

Caution The security password on all nodes in a cluster must match. Change the security password on all machines, or the cluster nodes will not communicate.

Caution You must reset each server in a cluster after you change its security password. Failure to reboot the servers (nodes) causes system service problems and problems with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration windows on the subscriber servers.

Note During this procedure, you must remove and then insert a valid CD or DVD in the disk drive to prove that you have physical access to the system.


Step 1 Log in to the system with the following username and password:

Username: pwrecovery

Password: pwreset

The Welcome to platform password reset window displays.

Step 2 Press any key to continue.

Step 3 If you have a CD or DVD in the disk drive, remove it now.

Step 4 Press any key to continue.

The system tests to ensure that you have removed the CD or DVD from the disk drive.

Step 5 Insert a valid CD or DVD into the disk drive.

Note For this test, you must use a data CD, not a music CD.

The system tests to ensure that you have inserted the disk.

Step 6 After the system verifies that you have inserted the disk, you get prompted to enter one of the following options to continue:

Enter a to reset the administrator password.

Enter s to reset the security password.

Enter q to quit.

Step 7 Enter a new password of the type that you chose.

Step 8 Reenter the new password.

The password must contain at least 6 characters. The system checks the new password for strength. If the password does not pass the strength check, you get prompted to enter a new password.

Step 9 After the system verifies the strength of the new password, the password gets reset, and you get prompted to press any key to exit the password reset utility.

HTH Regards, Yosh

Yosh,Samuel wants to rename


Samuel wants to rename the admin user id not the password recovery.

I think this is something which cant be done through normal way but again if you get the Root access of CUCM OS you can change it but that will violate Cisco support agreement.

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