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Resetting the WBPN to factory defaults does not clear username and password.

I have a WBPN Wireless-N Bridge for Phone Adapter. Recently, I needed to change the configuration to update the WiFi SSID, but couldn't remember the username and password to log into the unit, after connecting directly to my laptop, and directing a web browser to Following the instructions on the YouTube video link provided by Cisco (, doesn't seem to help.

They suggested holding the reset button down for 10 seconds to perform a reset back to factory defaults. Unfortunately, instead of the unit rebooting, a red LED flashes continuously and the device becomes unusable. The only way to recover is by disconnecting the power cord, and then reattaching. I am able to connect to a WPS enabled router, but my new router does not have this functionality.

How can I clear the username and password back to cisco?

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Read Cisco WBPN Factory Reset

Read Cisco WBPN Factory Reset ?

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