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Restrict Incoming Calls

We are running CallManager 7 at several locations.  Is there a way to restrict incoming calls to a particular directory number to a single site?  What we mean is only have the local site be able to access this directory number.  Example:

Site A has a phone with 12345 directory number

Phones at site A can call 12345

Site B users cannot call 12345

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Re: Restrict Incoming Calls

Yes, by using Partitions and Calling Search Spaces.

Here is a basic example that you will have to modify to suit your needs:

1) Create two partitions, Site_A and Site_B

2) Create two calling search spaces, CSS_Site_A and CSS_Site_B

3) Add Site_A partition to the CSS_Site_A CSS and Site_B to the CSS_Site_B CSS

4) Assign the Site_A partition and CSS_Site_A CSS to the directory numbers (or physical phones) for Site A

5) Assign the Site_B partition and CSS_Site_B CSS to the directory numbers (or physical phones) for Site B

With this configuration, Site A phones will not be able to call Site B phones. If you have any numbers that you want both sites to be able to call, create another partition (All_Sites) and assign those numbers, devices, route patterns, translation patterns, etc to that partition. Then add that partition to both the CSS_Site_A and the CSS_Site_B CSS's.

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