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Retaining DNIS thru Unity 5.x Call Handers to IPCC 5.x

I see an number if posts regarding DNIS and Unity, but none so far describe what we are trying to do so I am hoping some one can help.

Here is our Scenario.

Customers call various Branch Site Locations, each have their own DID.

All of these calls currently go to Symposium and are handled by an Auto attendant.

Based on the Callers selection within the AA the caller will be sent to a particular Agent with certain Skills based on the selection the Caller made within the AA.

The kicker here is that when the Agent receives the Caller, the Agents can tell which Branch the Caller phones based on the DNIS. Therefore if the Caller needs to speak to sales, the Agent will transfer to the sales department of the Branch called. If the caller needs to speak to parts, the Agent will transfer to the sales department of the Branch called (you get the idea).

Asking the caller which branch they want is not an option. (I sure wish it was).

The AA is a complex one and has so many prompts. I am hoping that I can build it in Unity as it would be earlier then scripting, and Unity is easier for the prompt recordings.

Components are CUCM 6.1, Unity 5.X IPCC 5.x

Anyways, has anyone successfully being able to have the DNIS preserved thru Unity Call Handlers? So far in my lab I haven't been able to get this working but I thought Unity 5.x offered additional control over the DNIS.

That way all the Callers to the Branch Main numbers will hit the same AA, but when they select to be transferred to an UCCx Agent the Agent can tell which branch was called.

Failing the use of Unity I am hoping we can preserve the DNIS in UCCx, I'm pretty sure we can.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Retaining DNIS thru Unity 5.x Call Handers to IPCC 5.x

First, to answer your question:

You can't keep the same DNIS or UC Manager will route the call right back to the same CTI Port/Directory Number pointing to Unity. DNIS is the DIALED number. If Unity dials it's own number, UCM has no choice but to loop it back.

If you really want to do this, you need to create a second block of directory numbers that are CTI Route Points on CCX.

Example: CTI Ports with CFA pointing to Unity are 22XX. Unity then transfers calls to 32XX. The agent sees the DNIS as 32XX and can determine what branch this was for. Minor agent re-training is needed.

Second, in my opinion, this is a bad idea. You are making your entire call center dependent on Unity. This adds a completely unnecessary point of failure/troubleshooting/complexity in your call path.

And respectfully, I disagree that Unity call handlers are less complicated or easier than CCX scripting. There are several ways of changing prompts without having to modify the script in CRS Editor too.

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