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Review - 14 day unitek boot camp CCNA/CCNP Voice

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from my 14 day boot camp at Unitek.  I want to start off by saying my instructor was incredible.  He was extremley smart, answered every question asked, taught us very well, and kept us well entertained.  I'm not going to name names though because I know he's very active in the community, and I don't know if he'd appreciate me talking about him (even if I only have good things to say).

The boot camp itself is pretty good.  However, I would warn people ahead of time that you WILL NOT walk away certified.  This stuff takes a lot of time to sink in.  And most important, every class works together to give you the combined knowledge.  So you really can't test out for any of the individual modules until you've taken all of them; except for one.  You can definitley do ICOMM early on.  I still wouldnt attempt it though until you've taken CIPT1 (which is the 4th course).

The labs are good.  The first day we built them from scratch.  We set up a core router with a PVDM to act as a POTS line.  We set up 3 other routers.  Two with CME, and a final one that only worked with Call Manager.  By the end of class we had all kinds of crazy configurations.  As usual, the labs really show you how it works.

My only complaint is superficial.  I wouldn't pay for the hospitality package.  I'm hoping Unitek is reading this.  No one liked staying at the La Quinta hotel they put us up in.  It's very very loud, making it difficult to get a good nights sleep.  I was even on the opposite side of the freeway, and it was still too loud.  The breakfast the hotel offers is a joke.  If you dont eat waffles, there isnt a breakfast.  I ate at the McDonalds for breakfast for more than half of my stay.

I'm pretty happy with everything as a whole.  I think if I study hard I'll be able to wrap up my CCNP Voice within 6 weeks.  That's not too bad considering how high level this certification is.  I also hope to take more classes with this same instructor.  He really is brilliant, and just a pleasure to work with.

I put together this quick rig together after getting home.  I used a 2611xm router with CME.


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