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RightFax 9.3 Small Business Server


I need to install the rightfax server at customer site. It is my first time, so need some tips.

the server was purchased with a card with 2 Channels (currently license for 25 users); this server has a microsoft exchange module.

The customer needs to integrate it with the unity (Unified messaging), which involves the CCM of course.

1) please provide me with the links for this scenario: CCM 4.2 and unity 4.2

2) for incmoning faxes the lines will be connected to the FAX server of course so i am wondering how to do the interaction with the unity and CCM. i mean for instance how to send it to the customer mailbox.

3) Also if the call hits the CCM, can i send him a fax through the integration as well.

Thanks for your help.

Good day

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Re: RightFax 9.3 Small Business Server


Did you ever get any assistance with your RightFax deployment? I'm looking for similar input.

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Re: RightFax 9.3 Small Business Server

RightFax is the wrong solution for CCM 4.2. you need to take a look at XMediusFAX from Sagem-Interstar. It support T.38 with H.323 and MGCP through CCM 4.2. It is easy to install and setup, yet robust solution. They have an Express version well priced. It does not require any fax boards and is a certified Cisco solution. Take a look at Partner Central or

Good luck,


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Re: RightFax 9.3 Small Business Server

Hello @all,

I am not here to say which product is the best but I do know that Cisco Fax server AKA Captaris RightFax DO support CUCM 4.2 (done it a few times with no issues) with MGCP. The advantage for using Cisco Fax server is also that it is supported by Cisco TAC and Sagem is not!! Also the licensing model is totally differant Cisco Fax is based on the amount of fax channels (FOIP or ISDN or ANAlogue) is being used not limited to a amount of users. Sagem is not! So please think before you want to set a LanFax solution in your Cisco Topology.

If you have any questions please let me know I am there to assist Cisco with their Cisco Fax Server product.

Re: RightFax 9.3 Small Business Server

we are actually installing the right fax server 9.3 with UCM 6.x. Is there an install guide that we may be able to follow? I have found some information, but seeing as you work for captaris, you may be able to get us on the right track! Thanks!

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Re: RightFax 9.3 Small Business Server

Hi There

I am also installing this for the first time, and although installation has completed successfully, the client for which we are configuring this solution does not use exchange, they use lotus notes. Also I dont think we have a fax card installed in the unity server, how can I check this?

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Re: RightFax 9.3 Small Business Server

Hi Marco,

Can you give me more info with how Cisco Fax Server works with CCM5/6 and Unity 5?

It'd be much appreciated



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Re: RightFax 9.3 Small Business Server


It was nice to meet you at Cisco Live!

Nice to see your response, however, you are wrong on a few points:

1- XMediusFAX is licensed for unlimited users and by amount of fax ports. Just like the RightFax product.

2- XMediusFAX is supported by Sagem and Cisco TAC. In fact, Sagem works very closely with TAC to support customers.

3- Sagem has contributed to the recent Fax-over-IP book from Cisco.

4- XMediusFAX runs inside the Cisco ISRs on the NME/AXP blades, reducing hardware footprint, costs and integration issues. It is also supported by TAC.

Best Regards,


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