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RightFax Server with CUCM6.1(2)

Hi all,

My Customer which is a bank has recently depolyed a rightfax server with CUCM ver6.1(2), it is working fine, but he want to send faxes to extension faxes, first dial the main fax number, then when the other end AA answeres the call, enter the fax extension. Has any body faced this before? Is there anything we could do from the IPT side to send the extension after dialing the main number, the rightfax guy has defined a rule like .......,,,....

he claims that the comma should delay sending the extension till the call is connected, but i can see from the debug it is sending nothing.any idea Jentlemen?!

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Re: RightFax Server with CUCM6.1(2)

Do you have any updates in this issue ?

I have the same here.

Cisco Employee

Re: RightFax Server with CUCM6.1(2)

I'm not quite sure what you mean.  Is the RF server sending faxes out to the PSTN, and waiting for the receiving end's AA to answer the call?  If so, this will not work since there is no answer supervision from the RF side.  Therefore, RF will not know when the AA answers the call, and will not be able to send digits for an extention.

If this is not what you mean, please clarify the call flow and direction.  However, in most cases, there is no way for a sending fax to call out, detect when an AA has answered, and to then pipe digits to an extension.

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Re: RightFax Server with CUCM6.1(2)

That's what i mean exactly thenks for your reply.

Sorry can't give you answer post because the case didn't open  by me

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