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RightFax SR140 Deployment

Is posible to have only one DID for incoming voice and fax with SR140 Faxserver? or implement any type of IVR and then transfering to RightFax for incoming faxing. The only solution have readed is to have one DID for voice and one DID for Fax. Any other solution?



New Member

Re: RightFax SR140 Deployment

Hello Pablo,

For the sake of functionality for normal fax users on the PSTN it would not work, but here is somehting that would work but it would need to be too carefully orchestrated to be practical:

So a programmable fax machine calls into your Cisco IPT system via PRI/FXO, then CUE/BACD or Unity Server Autoattendant answers, saying thanks for calling company X dial 1 for this ...bla bla.. dial 7 (for example) for a fax.

the programmable PSTN fax will be configured that after several seconds hearing the greeting it will send the DTMF digit 7.

This digit will be received by the AA and the call will be re-routed to the E1/T1 PRI or FXS port where the Fax is connected to the Cisco IPT, at that point the fax server answers with the traditional sound (T.30 CED tone).

The PSTN programmable fax will remain silent - as programmed - and will start until this point the T.30 fax negotiation.

This would be very impractical for normal users, but it would be the only way to get a fax line to work over the same DID.

Hope this helps

- Manny

Re: RightFax SR140 Deployment

Hello Manny

i tested with IVR in Unity one simple option, press your fax destination. When unity do transfer to faxserver i hear T.30 CED tone for 3 second then remain silence the fax is received ok work!!

As you say could be impractical for normal users, the remain silect let think to normal user anything.



New Member

Re: RightFax SR140 Deployment

Glad to hear that it works, probably if this is used for trained people who always send faxes to the company it would not be so impractical.

Saludos a la distancia!

- Manny

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